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Sunday December 04, 2016
Junky Styling-Junky Air 2011 AW Collection

Article by Chuan-Yu Kang, Photo by Liya Hung

Junky Styling, a brand made its way from Brick Lane, East London in 1997, just launched its Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection at Truman Brewery in Spitalfied’s Market on 29th March.

The Autumn/Winter collection, “Junky Air,” was inspired by the Women’s Fly Top from last season. The distinct 50’s and 70’s silhouettes of the collection actually came from the stylish people around Junky Styling’s store in East London. There were many men’s flightsuits, women’s fly dress, and among those I especially loved the amazing sunset-colored chiffon capes in this collection.

It was very interesting to look at this collection because Junky Styling is famous for using recycling mensuits to create all of their designs. They also leave many clues on the clothes that you can actually realize these items are originally from those nice, elegance mensuits. The connection and transition between the mensuits and Junky Styling’s street style designs truly amazed me. When I asked their opinions about the international green fashion trend, they told me: “We feel it’s not just a trend—it’s the changing face of fashion.” They also told me that they think “It is amazing how sustainability in fashion design is genuinely becoming a consideration when being taught in schools—Education has become the way in every walk of life from food to fashion.”





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