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Saturday May 30, 2020
Future Host: A Speech Opera

Sunday, January 22 03pm
Knockdown Center
52-19 Flushing Ave., Queens, New York 11378

Knockdown Center is pleased to present Future Host: A Speech Opera, a multichannel spatial sound and performance installation and collaboration of artists across disciplines from China and the United States, premiering January 20-22, 2017.

Inspired by Stockhausen’s Gesang der Jünglinge and the post-socialist experience, Future Host features spatialized speech recordings and original music performed by a string quartet. Written in Chinese and performed by 19 voice actors, Future Host channels historical patterns of speaking and speech-making in the amorphous form of chorus. Along with live musical performance, fragmented words and unorthodox verbal expressions are digitally composed into an 8-channel polyphonic soundscape, where the ambulatory audience form their own individual, immersive acoustic experience beyond the limits of comprehensibility.

Director: Tingying Ma
Dramaturg/Co-Producer: Kang Kang
Producer: Maya Yu Zhang
Spatial Sound Composition and Production: Kamron Saniee
Live music compositon: C. Spencer Yeh

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