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Friday July 12, 2024
GOOD MAKER Sponsors New York Fashion Week

GOOD MAKER is a professional biotechnology brand for hair and scalp care, and it’s the world’s first series of hair products that are made with aesthetic medical ingredients. GOOD MAKER is proud to sponsor New York Fashion Week, one of the most talked-about fashion events of the year, and will have a week-long events from Sep 14th to Sep 20th 2019 in New York including a runway fashion show, top hairstylists hair techniques & fashion trend forum, and a special product promotion for celebrities’ favorite Perfecting Oil Essence only during the month of NYFW.

With the US-based aesthetic medicine professionals, the latest technology and top-quality raw materials, GOOD MAKER has applied the concept of skin care ingredients to hair and scalp care. This exclusive and revolutionary technology transformed carbon dioxide throughout the whole manufacturing process while ensuring that our planet is not polluted with bad chemicals. GOOD MAKER not only strikes a balance between styling and healthy application, but also makes a conscious effort to protect our environment.

GOOD MAKER X Fashion Show

GOOD MAKER not only becomes a designated hairstyling brand at the backstage during new York Fashion Week, but also promotes the latest fashion trends! Good Maker is proud to support the top fashion designers with talented artists by giving people more opportunities to appreciate creative inspiration and arts!

GOOD MAKER X Top Hairstylists Hair Trend and Techniques Exchange Forum

Invited Taiwan’s known Hair Salon Director A-Show, Japan’s Hair Master Minoru Obata and New York’s Salon Director and Hair Master Michael Dong to exchange the latest hair techniques and salon service trends. Forum attendees will be the first to experience the hottest hair & scalp products!

GOOD MAKER X New York Hair Salons Consultation

When customers’ scalp and hair are healthy, the stylists can make more creative changes to the hair. Starting with the professional scalp diagnosis and consultation, customers can start their beautiful journey in looking their best at salon visits because they not only look good but they feel great!

GOOD MAKER X Fashion Week Special

Why do models and celebrities look so good on the red carpet? Good Maker’s Perfecting Oil Essence is their must-have secrets to get the looks they desire! As a proud sponsor of New York Fashion Week, you will be able to enjoy buy one and get one FREE one-time special only during Fashion Week!

GOOD MAKER produces all its products with anti-allergy and anti-oxidation functions. It focuses on enhancing the fundamental treatment of the scalp which takes away problems caused by environmental changes and stress in life. For anyone who is interested in attending these events and to try out new products and mingle with one another, please email to or visit

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