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Friday July 12, 2024

GOOD MAKER Launches The World’s First Hair Products with Aesthetic Medicine

GOOD MAKER: A milestone in hair products that extends skincare concept to hair and scalp care! « more »

Third “Happy Chinese New Year: Fantastic Art China”

The third “Happy Chinese New Year: Fantastic Art China,” co-hosted by the China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) and the US-China Cultural Institute, will commence January 23rd, and conclude January 31st, 2017. A vital part of the “Happy Chinese New Year” program, “Happy Chinese New Year: Fantastic Art China” is a series of arts and culture initiatives where traditional culture, modern discourse, and innovative visual arts and creative design meet. The 2017 theme is “Year of the Rooster, Light of Gold”. It invokes the auspicious connotation of light and hope symbolized by the Year of Rooster, and aims to facilitate creative exchange between Chinese and American cultures while paving the way for continued opportunities to collaborate and mutually share in education, arts, and culture. « more »

Timeless Elegance in Japanese Art: Celebrating 40 Years!

In March, Joan B. Mirviss ltd will celebrate its 40th anniversary! To mark the occasion, the gallery presents the important exhibition, “Timeless Elegance in Japanese Art: A Celebration of Forty Years” accompanied by a fully illustrated publication. « more »


Throckmorton Fine Art ( has assembled for exhibit one of the finest collections of jade dragons representing the art of early China. Emerging out of the northern boundaries of today’s China, the dragon eventually predominated as the mark par excellence of heavenly favor. Wearing or suspending a jade pendant in the shape of a dragon was believed to inoculate the owner with some of the dragon’s positive energy. All the objects in the exhibit are created out of nephrite stone, tremolitic-actinolitic jade. Most are designed to be suspended as décor, at either a male’s waist or female’s chest. Plump and unctuously curling C-shaped chunks of nephrite from the Hongshan culture stand out as one of the most exquisite examples, and, in addition, as the earliest representation of the dragon in China. « more »

A Third Gender: Beautiful Youths In Japanese Prints

Japan Society Gallery announces the U.S. premiere of A Third Gender: Beautiful Youths in Japanese Prints, the first exhibition in North America devoted to the variety of gender and sexual expression in traditional Japanese society by focusing on wakashu, attractive male youths who, the exhibitions reveals, constituted a distinct gender category during the Edo period (1603-1868). On view from March 10 to June 11, 2017, this groundbreaking exhibition features over 65 woodblock prints, as well as paintings, deluxe lacquerwork objects, and personal ornaments from the collections of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), Toronto, one of the most expansive collections of Japanese art in North America. The exhibition sheds light on the complex rules which governed sexual and societal constructs, offering a critical historical context for gender performance and sexual expression—topics that continue to resonate within today’s political, public, and artistic discourse.

“We could not be more excited to bring this imminently relevant exhibition to New York City,” says Yukie Kamiya, Gallery Director at Japan Society. “With our long history of presenting traditional and contemporary Japanese art, we look forward to exploring Japan’s Early Modern era, which is often characterized as a moment of isolation, from an unexpected vantage point–namely, how the richness of lived experience in the Edo period can serve as a touchstone for issues that resonate within contemporary society.”

In cultures around the globe, gender has historically been defined according to a binary framework based on biological sex. However, the exhibition suggests that in Edo-period Japan, a person’s gender was defined according to several additional factors, including age and appearance. Fundamental to this structure were wakashu, who, being neither “men” nor “women”, constituted a “third gender” occupying their own place within the social hierarchy. The term wakashu could refer generally to “beautiful youths” who had yet to undergo the coming-of-age ceremony that initiated them into the social role of adult manhood, but who were nonetheless sexually mature. While wakashu were the objects of desire for both men and women, the term also refers specifically to youths who were the companions of adult men in male-male erotic relationships, known as nanshoku. « more »


Are you concerned about how harmful beauty products you use really are? So are we!

sundays is a lifestyle brand that promotes wellness, confidence and simplicity. “Anything for beauty” is an old saying that sundays disagree with. You don’t have to sacrifice your health by using toxic products. You are beautiful the way you are. sundays can help you boost your confidence with healthy nail care. We focus on your health and wellbeing so when you visit sundays you are entering a tranquil oasis. Recharge, relax and forget about all your worries. Have a sunday moment on your lunch break! « more »