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Thursday June 13, 2024 Brings Useful Interactive Content to the World of Fashion and Socialites

New York, NY - Jan 11th, 2010 - What do you get when searching for the coolest, trendiest, and hippest websites online today? One can get an infinite number of websites telling you this and that; all of which is filled with information but none of which are filled with rich and relevant content. In today's Internet age, has evolved from gathering valuable and captivating events and updates from a handful of resources to millions of them. Just perform a Google search on the world "fashion" or "events" and an Internet searcher will get more than half a million results.? How can one make sense of it all? has brilliantly and creatively evolved and streamlined what's hot and what's not in the world of the Internet.

With, the reader can get a content rich website with enough flair and style to make it the last word on all things hip. is the leading online guide to feature 24/7 on the hottest topics including fashion trends, entertainment, lifestyle, celebrity gossips, star pictures, designer news, runway models images, nightlife events, beauty advice, and sample sales. is staffed by saucy; fashion conscious bunches that never miss a trick. Talented writers and scene vets provide readers with the latest and greatest "in" shopping deals and price alerts. The "in" brands are a hot topic and provides insightful commentary on today's most influential fashion designers, and the hottest celebrity news.

With it's headquarter in New York City, is in the heart of the nation's hottest nightlife, swankiest restaurants, and located within whispering distance of international celebrities. Nightclub tell-alls, restaurant reviews and seasonal activity guides frequent for all their needs. And, of course, what could be juicier than celebrity gossip? combs stories, checks sources, and takes first-hand notes to provide readers with original and informative stories on the movie and music stars. also is a spring of wellness, with a Health & Lifestyle Section devoted to developing the body, mind and spirit. Staff writers contribute pieces ranging in topic from healthy diets and exercise programs, spa information, stress relievers, and much, much more. Health & Lifestyle's aim is to promote a love and awareness of self that helps readers.'s mission is to share our secrets with our readers; we let them know how and where to shop, we never skimp on style, we stay informed about ourselves and the world around us, and most of all - we have fun 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.'s launch brings online visitors great articles, reader polls, advice columns, and even an opt-in newsletter to ensure that interested fashion-lovers are kept in the loop. is all the guide you'll need to make the most of this city that never sleeps. Contemporary content is delivered fresh from New York's trendiest, whether it's the scoop from the Golden Globes or reporting from the hottest fashion shows, delights their readers with the latest in fashion, beauty and gossip.

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